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Car Rider Procedures

Student Safety is the highest of priorities at Center Grove Elementary School.  In an effort to ensure the safe arrival and departure of students, we have established procedure(s) and guideline(s).  These procedures have been in place the past couple of years, and we need everyone’s cooperation to ensure a safe arrival and dismissal.

Morning Drop-off Procedures:

Students should not be dropped off in front of the school. This area is reserved for daycare vans or special circumstances that have been approved in advance. Vehicles will not be allowed in the front parking lot for student drop-off. Parents should follow the car rider line to drop off students on the north side of CGES.

New Afternoon Pick-Up Procedures (See map below):

Due to the volume of parents picking up students each day, it is necessary to revise our traffic flow to get cars off of Morgantown Road. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Enter the campus off of Morgantown Road. (No traffic will be allowed to enter the car rider line from Stones Crossing.)
    • Please leave room for the buses to pull into the MSC lot as indicated on the map.
  2. Proceed east toward CGES.
    1. IF no cars are backed up, you may follow the orange arrow below around the front of the school to the north side of the building.
    2. IF cars are backed up, continue east along the bus parking lot.
  3. Follow the drive that curves south toward the front of MSC.
  4. Turn west in front of MSC and follow the drive along the front of the school.
  5. Follow the drive as it curves north, all the way to the stop sign.
  6. Turn east to enter into the turn lane on the north side of the CGES drive. 
    • Please leave room for the buses to pull into the MSC lot as indicated on the map.
  7. Once cars move up to allow space, turn north onto the drive in front of CGES.
  8. Follow the drive north, then east, and around the parking lot to the pick-up zone as indicated on the map.


If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.


“Regular” or “Everyday” Car Riders:

Students who will be picked up from school via the “Car Rider Pick-Up Line” on a regular basis (at least 1 day per week on a consistent basis) will be assigned a single number per family. (Please review the ”EVERYDAY” Car Rider procedures.) This number will be used to page student(s) from within the building via walkie-talkie by a staff member outside of the building. Please make sure you have your CGES Car Rider number visible in the front window.

“Non-Everyday” Car Riders:

If your child will be picked up sporadically, please read procedures for “NON-EVERYDAY” Car Riders. Parents of students who are not regular car riders should utilize the PickUp Patrol program to inform the school of their plans to pick up their child. Please, bring a picture ID.

Afternoon Walkers:

If your child walks home from school, or you have walked to school to pick them up, you can meet them in the same area on the north side of the CGES gymnasium.  Only walkers will be allowed in this area. Please make sure to use the PickUp Patrol program to inform the school of your plans to walk with your child. Please, bring a picture ID.

Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation with the student drop-off and pick-up procedures.