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Regular or Everyday Car Riders


These are students who will be picked up from school via the “Car Rider Pick-Up Line” on a regular basis, i.e., at least 1 day per week on a consistent basis. 

(If your child will be picked up sporadically, please read procedures for “NON-EVERYDAY” Car Riders.)  

“Regular or Everyday Car Riders” will be assigned a single number per family, i.e., a family with multiple children will be assigned a single number.  This number will be used to page student(s) from within the building via walkie-talkie by a staff member outside of the building. 

How do I register for a Car Rider Number?

  1. Download and complete "Car Rider Registration Form"
  2. Return the form to the CGES front office or email to Alyse Johnson ( 

Upon receiving your form, a Car Rider Number will be assigned and a tag created.  The tag will then be sent home with the student or distributed directly to the parent during Car Rider Dismissal.

Note: All parents will need to submit a form this year, even if they have previously registered. All parents will receive a new car rider number.   


Students are generally allowed to speak during Car Rider Dismissal.  It is at times, however, necessary for staff members to require students to lower their voices, or even remain silent for stretches of time to ensure walkie-talkie pages for students can be heard. 

Students who fail to comply with staff directives during Car Rider Dismissal may be sent to wait in the front office.  Parents of said students will be asked to park their vehicles, wait for the line to diminish, and then go inside to pick up the student.  Please reinforce these expectations with your child to avoid delays in your efforts to pick up!  

*CGES reserves the right to deny any adult without proper identification access to a student.  Please, have your picture ID on your person to avoid any delays!